Find the school and curriculum that’s right for your child.

Exploring Educational Opportunities in Portugal?
We’ll find the school that meets your child’s individual needs.

Our Education Consultants provide reliable and impartial advice to help you to explore the educational opportunities available in Portugal. 

Find the best fit for your child’s academic abilities, their professional goals, their emotional and social preferences, and your family’s circumstances.

Our Services

  • Advice

    Our academic experts can guide you through the Portuguese Education system and other available curricula from preschool through secondary in Independent, State and International Schools in whichever level of detail you require.

  • School Visits

    We can visit schools on your behalf if you are not currently in Portugal or unable to visit in person. We can also assist in organising and planning your appointments, or accompany you to visit the schools of your choice.

  • Coaching and Workshops

    We offer comprehensive support to parents through our coaching, workshops and seminars, empowering them to navigate their child’s educational journey with confidence. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies for effective interviews, school visits, transition support, and understanding educational systems.

  • Educational Profiling and School Shortlisting

    We get to know each child and family individually to provide a shortlist of which schools and curriculum we believe will be most suitable. We are committed to finding the best route to unlock your child’s potential.

  • Application and Registration

    From advice surrounding the registration process to supporting you completing the applications and improving your profile, we help you to take care of the necessary clerical work and administrative requirements.

  • Additional Support Services

    We understand the importance of a comprehensive support system. That’s why we’ve partnered with trusted providers of childcare, education, language support, and relocation services to create a holistic network, ensuring families have access to reliable care, academic enrichment, and logistical assistance for a well-rounded educational journey.

About Us

  • Our Mission

    To provide professional, impartial and dependable education advice and support to families in Portugal in finding the right school for their children.

  • Our Philosophy

    Every child is unique. Every school is too. We are committed to getting to know your child, your family and your selected schools to help you to find the school of best fit.

  • Who We Are

    Alesco is an Education Consultancy firm based in Portugal working with families who are relocating or searching for new educational prospects to help them to identify and access the ideal school for their child’s happiness and educational success.

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all


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